Monday 8 June 2009

Keep on Smiling; Gordon Brown, the Joker and Europe

I mentioned Gordon Brown’s U Tube appearance recently, the one where his face suddenly acquires an unbelievably stupid grin that bears no relation whatsoever to the things he is saying. I was reminded of something, the lunatic smile reminded me of someone, but I could not quite recall exactly what it was. Now I know: it was the Joker from Batman!

Well, he’s got no reason to smile today, no reason at all. The reports I'm getting on the Euro elections indicate that the Labour vote is projected to sink as low as 15%. Can you believe that? It’s the lowest ever for Labour as a national party, a real record.

What a wonderful achievement Mr Brown. You keep breaking records, not the records you might want to be remembered for breaking, but records notwithstanding. Can any other Prime Minister claim to have so many cabinet colleagues walk out in one week? Can any other Prime Minister say that he allowed the shape of a reshuffle be dictated by his colleagues? Now your vote has haemorrhaged away. I think it must be your proudest achievement that at least part of it bled towards the BNP, which now sends two representatives to Europe, another milestone attained under your watch.

Oh, well, Joker Brown. Never mind. You can continue to call on the services of Mandelson, aka Lord Rumba of Rio, a man who has risen from the political grave more often than Dracula! He’s soon to be joined by Lord Sugar of Shoddy, another inspired choice of yours, two greater hucksters I personally find difficult to imagine.

Do you believe in karma, dear Joker? I do. All through the Blair premiership you sowed the seed, yes, you did. Now you are reaping the fruit. I wish you a hearty appetite. Keep smiling, Joker: keep smiling. :-)


  1. The smile is creepy, but who gives a damn what he looks like? Your gloating is fatuous.

  2. Oh, Brown cares, his advisers clearly care; for politics is all about presentation now; it has been for quite a while, something you clearly haven't picked up on, Zaki. I like to think of myself as a gadfly rather than a gloater, and as far as this shabby government is concerned, this gruesome Prime Minister is concerned, I intend to go on biting. You are, of course, under no obligation to read what I write or take heed of what I say.