Sunday 29 November 2009

The Devil Wears Fur

If there is one pressure group I hate more than any other it’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, generally known as PETA, a collection of self-righteous prigs and animal rights extremists. With tentacles across the world, the organisation is headed by one Ingrid Newkirk, born in England but now living in America.

Now sixty-years old, this joyless fanatic had herself sterilised at the age of twenty-two because, as she put it, “the world has enough babies.” Her will contains the stipulation that her feet be turned into umbrella stands “as a reminder of the depravity of killing innocent animals.” In one of the campaigns she sponsored the killing of animals for food was compared to the Holocaust, which might give you some insight into the moral fog that sits perpetually on her mind.

Let me make my own position clear: I detest any form of deliberate and malicious cruelty against animals. I have a horse which I love and care for with all of the energy and dedication of which I am capable. My family have had a succession of Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniels. Still, I think the concept of animal ‘rights’ is practical and intellectual nonsense. I eat meat and I delight in eating meat. I hunt and I delight in hunting, both shooting and riding to hounds. And now for the big one: I wear fur and I delight in wearing fur! I have a black leather jacket trimmed in rabbit fur and a ushanka, a fur hat I bought in Moscow, entirely made from the same fur.

It delights me to say that in the fashion industry itself a counter-revolution is underway, that the balance is tipping against the PETA fanatics. Fur is fashionable once more. People like Keira Knighley, Jennifer Lopez Madonna and Lindsay Lohan have all worn fur in public. So, the Devil really does wear fur. :-))

A spokesman for Origin Assured, a body set up by the international fur trade to ensure that fur is only obtained from reputable sources, says that the material has never been more popular. Robin Rihanna’s new album will feature her on the cover wearing a white fur coat. So, PETA’s old ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ campaign has come to nothing in the end, despite the previous endorsement of people like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, those of the older generation. Besides, even they turned apostate in the end!

Yes, the fur taboo has been broken though there were always designers, like Karl Lagerfeld, who held out against the prevailing orthodoxy. There are lots of arguments in favour of real fur. Not only does it feel good against the skin but it is natural, renewable, biodegradable and energy efficient unlike the synthetic version. Moreover, it takes as much as a gallon of oil to make three fake-fur coats.

In general people of my generation have none of the old sixties-style hang-ups of people who trail in the wake of PETA. If it looks good, if it feels good, it is good. I am quite happy to leave the sackcloth and the hair-shirts to others. As for Newkirk I really think that one day she will make a first-class umbrella stand. I wish her no better fate.


  1. Well done. I agree she will make a first class umbrella stand, preferably tucked away behind a door somewhere where no one will ever see her again. I have 5 different leather coats and love them all. A leather jacket lasts me between 10 to 20 years, as apposed to 2-3 years for a synthetic one, and they look and feel so much better.

  2. The Devil is also a woman then since all the people you mention, the wicked fur wearers, are women and you certainly are too (reference Ana as the Imp. Picture left). What a relief. But, on the other hand, in the UK I wear fur in boots and coats and gloves and would be scared to use imitations in case my sisters caught me and bawled me out for being pathetic. Fur wearing and Devilishness is therefore not related to Socialist leanings or Gender; not in reality anyway and you are right..... of course.

  3. Ana, I applaude you. PETA is a self-serving machine that has sucked in a membership that beleives they are doing good, but truthfully does little or nothing to actually preserve wildlife such as organizations like Ducks Unlimited for example. I eat meat, wear leather shoes, and yes WEAR FUR TOO. But I have researched the modern fur industry in no small detail. I am assured that their practices under the auspices of the American Veterinary Association are abone reproach. These are animals that never would have lived, are treated humanely, fed well, and euthanied humanely and painlessly. I truly wish the public would see PETA as they are, an agenda driven small group of hypocrits who care more for themselves than any animal in the wild. UGGGH !

  4. Thanks. everyone. I appreciate your comments, and your support. I hope more people have the courage to speak out on this issue. The loud mouths have held the stage for far too long. :-)

  5. Yes, "Animal rights" is a real misnomer, and usually just an excuse for radicals to commit terrorist acts.

  6. Ana, I couldn't agree more with you! I love fur, I eat meat and I wear leather too. And I am also not for animal cruelty, not at all, it bothers me when people mistake animal welfare with animal rights. I am very much for the animal welfare and I almost entirely wear fur that has the Origin Assured label :) And Phanton you are so right, real fur and leather clothes last much longer than synthetic ones that are worn out after 1 or 2 seasons – and of course, they are much warmer and feel so much nicer! Nika (

  7. If you really believe these animal are treated "Humanely" then you haven't' really watched and read any of the evidence. I am not referring to any Peta videos. There is plenty of undercover footage that comes from many independent sources. National and International organizations and individuals that have nothing to do with Peta.
    I used to wear fur, handed down to me by family. Then I learned the truth, I used to say the same thing, they are treated "humanely" now I laugh at my past ignorance. I am 53 now and can't believe it took me so long to even research this. I am not judging you, I just wish you really learned more about it and would not get stuck on the Anti PETS propaganda. Even in China there are animal rights activists who go under cover to film the footage. They are not Peta people.

    It turns my stomach and turns my heart over,when I recall the screaming, and the bloody images of animal still alive while being skinned. Those are fact. Golden retriever skins are sold as rugs to France and Italy. The dogs are keep in cages standing on raw wire with their feed getting cut up. Over filled cages, Dogs or cats, foxes raccoon dogs, on top of each other. Not fed sometimes they are fed other dead dogs and all horrible deaths. They are killed in front of each other. Sometimes the dogs are beaten to death over a few hours, to create lots of adrenalin, which makes the meat taste good "Sweeter" as they say, that is when they meat is uses for food. All these animals know nothing but misery and fear. The facts can not be denied. No matter how much you want to believe, that it's all so humane, it is not. Unless you have a different idea of what humane is.

    If you just want to wear fur and really don't care that animal are tortured to get the fur, then just say so.
    Don' act as if the cruelty and barbarism does not exist. It's really victimizing the animal over and over.

    Admit you don't care and wear your fur.

  8. Thank you for this. I can respect your views. I would just ask you to respect mine. I do wear fur - I now have a mink jacket also - just as I wear leather, eat meat and hunt. Yes, that it is a terrible story but not something I am party to. All the things I wear and all the things I eat come from the best possible sources.

  9. The trouble is they don't think before they act. It is rather like our Government's knee jerk reaction to firearms crime!
    Sure the steel jawed leg hold trap is a cruel contraption, but it is or can be improved by merely padding the jaws. Don't get me wrong, I don't use these traps, especially as they have been BANNED!
    So now what happens? Well youngsters can no longer hunt rabbits for food or skins for a little pocket money. Why? Because the rabbits are either infected with a viral desease that makes their eye pop out until they go blind, it slowly destoys the body and the brain until they finally die. Or the local council poisons them with poisoned carrots, the same carrots that possums and Kangaroos eat!
    Given the choice of being caught in a leg hold trap and then dispatched quickly, or die from viral infection or poison, I know which one I would choose!
    Le Loup.

  10. Thanks, Le Loup. I've done a spot of rough shooting here and, yes, I do know how to skin a rabbit. :-)

  11. Good post. There can't be enough of a revolt against PeTA's attempts to brainwash & bully children into their brand of monomaniacal craziness. (My own small efforts here: )


  12. Thanks, Hubert. I'll have a look at your link when I'm finished here. I got a comment from a PETA fanatic, bristling stuff and so ungrammatical, so badly written! I decided not to publish, a move I now regret because it revealed so much about the mindset of these absurd people.

  13. Refreshing to read your thoughts, I hope many young women read what you have written. Its important to point out that PETA is more or less a pseudo criminal group, and not the hero or saint organisation that many young people believe. Here are some of my thoughts, as professional elephant trainer:

    1. Thanks, Dan, Actually I got a couple of death threats when this piece appeared, things I declined to publish. I rather wish I had now. It was a perfect illustration of the mindset of these people, really worse than animals. I'll have a look at your link.