Wednesday 4 November 2009

Ana's Rede

Just some thoughts I've pulled together. Is this my version of the Black Mass? :))

1. Hold no law that is not worth holding.

2. Let all spirits in, dark or light.

3. Listen to that which sings your song. Honour that which honour deserves.
Despise the rest.

4. Go by the Moon, when the werewolves howl

5. Seek your heart’s desires, Moon wax or wane.

6. Welcome the new, from north or east or south or west.

7. Love will come on all winds that blow. Never look for peace and rest.

8. Burn what you will, fast or slow.

9. Seek what is beautiful, seek what is the wise, seek what is brave.

10. Look for danger where danger is..

11. Be true to what is true; be true to yourself.

12. If any harm you, harm them more.

13. Do what you will, when you will, how you will.

14. Let Freedom be your only law.

15. Pan will be your guide in love and life.

No, not poetic, but it's the essence of the thing; it truly is.


  1. That is poetic. Take away the numbers and it is poetic. And it is lovely and just right for you as we know you here.

  2. It's aparody of the Wicca Rede, John, which comes in this particular form. :-)