Monday 25 May 2009

My Numeric Vibration

This is it, worked out with the most amazing insight and industry by a wonderful friend of mine!

Anastasia... I will begin with the year - 1986 - Year of the Tiger - Yang (masculine)
Ever and always the huntress you are. Hungry for anything that pleases you, you pursue relentlessly until you have your "kill".


The Equation of You:

This is going to be a tad lengthy, so I will leave off the mathematics of it all... Shall we begin?

Full name expression = 9
Generally 9s possess a soft heart and a pleasant personality. However the opposite is equally true and of equal importance to be mindful of. Your pet peeve is people who do not finish what they start (among other favorite pet peeves of yours... and that is most likely an extensive list for you). You enjoy expressing yourself freely and prefer no constraints where that is concerned. You enjoy helping others, provided it is respected and appreciated... and reciprocated as well.

Balance Digit = 3
Artistic and/or musical expressions are highlighted with a 3. Where balance is concerned, this applies to how you interact with others on a day to day basis. In a nutshell, you just want to be heard. You always have something to offer in the way of a verbal reply to just about anything. This most likely found you in the hot water many a time.

Soul Urge = 10
You prefer to be first in all things that you do. You pull ahead of others around with ease. You prefer to be perceived by others as a Leader, not a follower.

Quiet Self = 8
You desire a perpetual state of self sufficiency to an extreme... most likely a strong desire to be self employed, or at least at the very top of it all. You do not take direction well as you prefer to give it. Punctual, pragmatic, practical and a perfectionist... you practically demand the same of others.

Path of Life = 6
You value your partnerships highly and have many connections. You prefer it all revolve around you as you direct. Your home is most likely neat and organized, with everything having it's place (and you are usually the first to notice when things are out of place).

Underlying Path = 2
Learn that you are not the center, even though it is a position you prefer, it is we who revolve around Life, not the reverse.


The Full Equation Inclusion Perspective:

1.) there are 11 of these (1s) present, indicative of a dramatically elevated self esteem as well as a strong set of desires and ambitions, likes and dislikes. Not being the most patient person, you tend towards pushing the slow pokes out of your way if they obstruct your goal. You have a talent for both the written as well as the spoken word.

2.) There are 6 of these present. You play well with others... especially if they take your direction well. You will cooperate if you have a common goal which provides gains for the group as whole. Your focus on solidarity sometimes gets in the way of this. (This is where the statement "does not play well with others" suits you).You are an adept arbitrator, and others seek your counsel for this reason.

3.) There are 5 of these present. You love to speak and to sing. Anything vocal, you love. Also you possess a propensity for music and art. You believe in rapid expansion as you lack the patience for most of the waiting involved with acquisition.

4.) There are 2 of these present. You prefer play over work, any day and any time. However, where work is concerned, you can tend towards overtaxing yourself to meet an objective. You have no fear of hard work, you simply prefer to delegate the responsibility to others. You are a very physical person, preferring activities that require movement as opposed to stagnation.

5.) There are 8 of these present. You love traveling and seeing as well as experiencing new things constantly. You have never been a controlled substance.... although many do try, and fail miserably at this. You strike against control with great force... unless you have something to gain by it. You take advice, but with salt. You prefer to think for yourself, having no fondness for being ordered about.

6.) There are 3 of these present. You are self-responsible... but wants come first for you always. You are a creature of desire, and that is your dominant priority.

7.) There are 2 of these present. You tend to overtax physical and mental energies. You tend towards the basic self-abuses... moderation would indeed be the wise choice in all things. You are knowledgeable and wise beyond your years, but prefer to use that only where it draws the most benefit for you (the phrase "do not waste my time on your stupidity" fits here for you).

8.) There are 2 of these present. You have voracious spending appetites. You love to shop and to buy beautiful things for yourself as well as for others. You flavor everything with your own personal touch in that regard. You should learn the art of frugality, as it is the simple pleasures in life that are truly priceless. You are ambitious, and will always find what you seek, knocking down those in your way if necessary. You prefer to be on top of everything you do... and this includes men (did I say that out loud? LOL)

9.) There are 3 of these present. You tend to bottle things, but only long enough to allow just enough pressure to create the explosions you love so much. You frustrate easily and you tend to let that out relatively soon (refer to the prior statement regarding explosions). You have a compassionate heart, but you prefer your graces to be earned, giving nothing away freely to those who would abuse it.


Your Dominant Ruling Passions order of strength of vibration:
1.) Self above others... to an extreme
5.) Personal freedoms to do as you please, when you please, with whom you please (or are pleased by... out loud again grr).
2.) Associations with others you value, respect, and work well with. Everyone else just gets in your way unless they have something useful, constructive, or otherwise beneficial to offer.


Reality Digit (what you are here to learn in this life):

6.) Responsible on a greater scale, domesticity, partnerships (personal and professional).

Underlying Reality ...what lies beneath:
2.) Learn to "play well with others", and learn to trust your intuition within those associations.

Responsibility and Association go hand in hand. Make a note of the fact that your Path and Underlying Path match Identically your Reality and Underlying Reality... is someone trying to tell you something?

I do hope you found this analysis Useful and Accurate.

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