Wednesday 13 May 2009

Eugenics and Me!

I'm logging a contribution I made elsewhere on the question of eugenics and personal responsibility.

Oh, more party games; how I adore party games! Ah, but Holly, if these questions had only been presented in a more neutral fashion the challenge arising would have been so much more fun. But they are not, are they? One would have to be stupid not to deduce that one is being drawn towards the desired conclusion: that eugenics is a ‘bad thing’, and that any and all of those embracing such doctrines are ‘bad people.’ Did it really have to be so terribly obvious? We are even shown Nazi concentration camps; that is just too, too much!

Anyway, I shall enter into the spirit of the game. I fall into every positive category; my intelligence is well above average; I have no disability and there is no history of disability in my family, mental or physical; there is no history of inheritable disease; and there is no history of criminality. Boring, really; well-off, well-established: the purest of pure Aryan stock! I imagine the people who conceived of these criteria did not even entertain the possibility of female masturbation; so that can pass happily unanswered. I am not homosexual, though I will admit to sleeping with other women, again something these people probably thought of as a love that dare not, could not, speak its name!

Who has the right to determine who is fit and unfit? Well, quit frankly, I do. There are some idiots I would love to vaporise! There have been several cases recently in England of children, tiny children, being systematically brutalised and murdered by their ‘loving parents.’ Oh how I wish these people had been sterilised; how I wish I had the power to have had them sterilised.

So, there you have it; I’m a micro-eugenicist and therefore a ‘bad person.’ I will not, however, induce from the particular to the general; not become a macro-eugenicist-not yet, anyway!

Lycan Shadows thinks you are playing at ‘devil’s advocate.’ Yes, perhaps you are. But I thought that your answer to Felicity might conceivably indicate a more committed position? After all, not even the Nazis suggested that a healthy woman might conceivably be sterilised simply because her partner carried some degree of risk!

But not to worry, Holly; it’s a party game and, as I said at the outset, I adore party games. Sieg Heil, and lots of love, Anastasia. :-))

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