Tuesday 22 September 2009

A Dancing Witch-Loving Inkubus Sukkubus

I've mentioned before that I adore the goth, witchy band Inkubus Sukkubus. Here are two of my favourite songs. Abandon you the dreams of youth-this is a tale of a succubus. :-))

Underneath the darkened sky
All along the crooked way
The same story once again
Of sorrow and of pain
One fool in a dream
One black-hearted queen
A tale of unrequited love
That's written in tears, written in blood
She smiles, he cries
He begs, but she denies
As tonight becomes tomorrow
All joy will turn to sorrow

This is a tale of a succubus
A tale of love, pain and lust
And death, and death!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Where there's love, there is lust
Where there's a boy to give his heart
There's a woman to tear it apart
Where there's giving, there's taking
There's faking, and there's breaking
Where there's trust deceit's right there
The dream becomes the nightmare!

To despair she'll take him
A shadow she'll make him
Before him, the open grave
On his wrist, the razor blade
Young man, hang your head and cry
It's time to suffer, time to dieAbandon you the dreams of youth
Abandon love, hope and truth!

She will crush you, she'll excite you
She'll destroy you, she'll ignite you
She'll take you to a world of darkness
And death, and death!

On a night of dread and wonder
Hear her heartbeat turn to thunder
Now's the time for soul surrender
And death, and death!


  1. Love the lyrics Imp I am going to download the music later and see what they sound like.

    Got your message on my site just now. I am back anyway but the blog this morning was deleted. I suppose PED probably complained I was harrassing him or something like that. So I am putting it on my Website and starting a feature with him as Vile Facist Creep of the Month: To be awarded every month. He may well end up keeping the trophy! A stained urinal from my staff quarters! I have just had the gents renewed so that should do nicely. Oh and thank you for being concerned about me. I have been around rather a long time but can still be upset and that is stupid but unavoidable with my temper and lack of ability to suffer fools. So very nice to have your valued support. Thank you. John.