Sunday 18 April 2010

Happy Birthday, Ana the Imp!

Tomorrow Ana the Imp is exactly one year old; yes, it’s the first anniversary of my blog, and my, how she has grown! Here is what I wrote in my first piece last April;

Well, here I am, in my very own blog! This is just by way of a very brief introduction. What I intend to do over the next few weeks is to centralise pieces I have written elsewhere before beginning to write some new stuff. I want a complete record of my work, my best work, which covers everything from dissertations on subjects as varied as history, books, philosophy, art, witchcraft, as well as some personal biographical pieces. I love writing, I always have, and I play with words for the sheer pleasure of doing so. This will be my online journal, a true insight into what I am and how I think. I'm here; yes, I am!

I didn’t quite keep to this plan, for I started to write new pieces virtually from the outset. I wasn’t completely new to blogging, as I shared a platform with my good friend Retarius (Retarius and Anastasia), though my contributions there were initially limited to comments only. I only added more substantive stuff after I gave birth to Ana the Imp. Before both I had contributed to Wikipedia, chiefly answering questions on the Humanities Desk, where I was Clio the Muse.

I had intended this blog chiefly to be about my intellectual interests, though as time has passed I have become progressively more political. The times, really, have thrust this upon me. I love the past, I love everything connected with the past, love the history of my country in particular. It breaks my heart to see it betrayed by a collection of second-rate political mediocrities.

I am political – I have been a member of the Conservative Party since I was a teenager – though this was not the most important part of my makeup; it is fast becoming the most important part. Since last summer, not long after I began this blog, I also started to write on the My Telegraph website, initially just as Anastasia before I decided to harmonise the two blogs. Some of the stuff I have written here can also be found there, although for the most part I try to stick to original contributions. Telegraph Ana is also a much more political creature.

So, happy birthday to Ana! Let me leave you with the two pieces of music that serve as alternate themes for this blog. Love from the little devil girl, who comes in colours everywhere. :-))


  1. Congratulations on your year long blog affair.

    I must say you're a very attractive Conservative.

    Personally, I'm not one of those I hate the right because I lean to the left.

    Curious do Red Tory's exist in the U.K. ? We used to have them here in Canada land, but, they needless to say are a thing of the past since our Conservative Party merged with the Progressive Conservatives to form the abortion hating CP of Canada.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ana. Blogdom is a brighter place with you here. :-)

  3. Thank you all. :-)

    Jimmy, they exist in the mind of Philip Blond, if nowhere else! Abortion is not an issue of any great political significance here.

  4. Happy Birthday! to the Imp. I Googled your name and discovered that you're spread across the internet like a one-woman virus. I particularly liked the pagan site...but have you given it up? Anyway, I just gouged my way through the Viking trilogy by Tim Severin. "The heroes of the north live on!" and it seems serendipitous. You read this yarn? (It's quite cleverly done.)

  5. One day, this will be twenty years ago, and you will be chatting with your kids (hopefully not about politics) about the passionate old days, . :)
    Happy Birthday, Ana

  6. -gives you a light birthday spank-


  7. Happy birthday from Italy

  8. Many happy returns, Ana. And may you have many, many more.

  9. You are all so sweet. :-)

    Retarius, I only go to Pagan Space now to answer messages or accept friend requests. I found the people who moderate the site to be as small-minded as any other fundamentalist. Besides, I'm just too big a personality for little worlds. :-)

    No, I haven't read that, but be assured, I will!

  10. PS has developed a rep for Christian bashers and 9/11 Truthers this past month -sigh-

  11. Happy Birthday Ana Livia Plurabelle


    Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker

  12. Why does that not surprise me, Coll? :-)

    Humphrey, hugs. :-)

  13. Congrats, Ana. I wish you keep on writing for more years.

  14. Happy Birthday, fantastic blog.

  15. Happy birthday from the Confederacy!