Tuesday 30 March 2010

Бог Благословляет Святую Россию

I spent a wonderful Christmas in Moscow three years ago, going to the Bolshoi amongst other things. I have friends in the city, people I know from university. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, magical and tragic place, a mighty heart in the great body of Russia.

Russian history and culture fascinates me; it has for a long time, perhaps more than any other in the world, excepting that of England. I count Dostoevsky along with Dickens as my favourite author. I also love Russian painting, music and folklore.

The recent outrage in Moscow in the metro draws from me a greater affinity and solidarity than ever. I pass no comment on the people responsible for this pointless and murderous gesture; they are beyond all comment.

Because of my name people sometimes ask if I am Russian. Well, today I am. God bless Holy Russia.


  1. You have to stop posting so much, you are making the rest of us look bad.

  2. Sorry, Spitfire, I'm hyper-active; I need some outlet for my surplus energy. :-))

  3. Ana, I'm circulating this to my friends here. Thanks for the thought.

  4. Bravo, I'm glad. I remember how awful if was in London on 7/7.