Thursday 25 February 2010

Travelling in Time

This is my response on Blogcatalog to a question on the possibility of time travel, brief and to the point.

Well, to believe in this stuff one would have to conceive of time as a stream linking the present with the past and the future. All of our actions are therefore foreordained and there is no freedom at all. A time machine has already been invented and the future comes back to the past; we are the past; we are already dead. :-)


  1. Good morning, Ana.

    I like the clock. But what was the 'stuff' you were being invited to believe in?

  2. It wasn't MyblogLog :)) it was BlogCatalog.
    Well, you have a different kind of thinking which i admire but this may give you a pessimistic point of view and cause you to commit suicide one day. :))

  3. It was just a theory about time travel, Jamie, which I see as logically and practically impossible - hence my response.

    Kunday, you are right! I've made the adjustment. Yes, intellectually I am a pessimist. In every day terms you could not imagine a brighter soul. :-)

  4. This reminds me of some philosopher who suggested that life is like a film.

    This blog sums it up nicely; Twenty Major.

    And yes, that is fatalistic and borderline nihilist, but logical! I like my rationalism :(.