Monday 15 February 2010

Tea Time Blues

From a fellow libertarian in the States ( discovered recently that there is a Communist Party USA. Good grief, there is life after death! Yes, there is a Communist Party USA which has the ‘fascist’ Republican Party in its sights. The Republicans are bad enough, but when it comes to the Tea Party movement, my, oh, my, we really are talking about the spawn of Satan.

Reporting on the recent Tea Party Convention in Nashville, The People’s World, the CPUSA’s news outlet, says that occasion proved that the Tea Party was a “racist and red-baiting movement against health care reform, jobs for all, an end to war, and economic and social justice.” So, there you have it; I expect these demons are also in favour of a return to slavery and keeping black folks out of Paradise.

The accusations continue. The Tea Party wants to bring down Obama not just because he is black but because they are against ‘progressive change’, wanting to turn “our country back to the policies of Reagan, Bush or worse.” Don’t you just love the “or worse”? And always keep a-hold of nurse, for fear of finding something worse. The author of this hysterical rant, one Jarvis Tyner, gets steadily worse himself, losing all coherence at points;

The conference was an orgy of racist hate aimed mainly against blacks, Latinos, immigrants and the nation’s first African American president…It clear (sic) to most observers that most of the tea party participants, as shown in their signs and slogans, are opposed to the president mainly because he is black…Sarah Palin has jumped in front of this backward march. She is part of the new McCarthyism combined with racist contempt for the first black president.

And it’s not even the Klan! There is one part of this semi-literate gibberish that’s undeniably true: Obama really is an African American president, though he is not an African American in the sense peddled by Tyner and the brothers. He is the first black president; let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

The Tea Party is no more than a collection of citizens concerned about the drift of Obamaland, the drift towards big government and socialism by default; the drift-may the Lord help us- towards a state health care system, the delights of which we are all to experienced in England. Yes, they are mostly white and middle class- though not exclusively so- but so what? Does the fact that most black people who voted in 2008 voted for Obama make them racist? Well, there might be an element of racism there; I can’t honestly say. The point is Tyler’s diatribe helps nobody, least of all the Black African American Moses in the White House. Is that name to be changed? Perhaps Tyler and the Communists have it on their agenda.

This Communist Party, incidentally, seems to have a very close relationship with the Democrats at grass roots level, to the point where it might be meaningful to talk about ‘entryism’, the sort of thing the old Communist Party of Great Britain and the Militant Tendency attempted with Labour, and attempted successfully.

Communism is a malignant cancer and the fact that it’s present in the heart of the world’s greatest democracy, no matter if in a relatively trivial degree, really is repulsive. Tyler and his kind feed on resentment, on negative racism, on convincing people that their own inadequacies and failures are somehow the fault of ‘white racists’. Well, I had to finish on a ranting note. After all, it’s quite the fashion.:-))


  1. Bit odd for them to complain about anti-establishment protests and direct action at a grass roots level. People sticking it to 'the man', actively participating in the democratic process, exercising freedom of assembly and speech etc, etc. This is how the progressive* politics of the left is supposed to work? The revolution is never going to come about with a minority of support from the bourgeoisie, but with all the might of the proletariat. Unless the masses are anti their establishment, when people resist a progression they're not keen on so lets just deride them as yokels and hicks who don't know what's best for themselves.

    *Progressive because they realise most people aren't keen on a State which owns you, so have to introduce the change piece by piece, as they slowly take away freedoms to be independent outside of an all-providing State. And a violent revolution might put their middle class comforts at risk. Hypocrites to a man.

  2. Great contribution, Jimmy. My sincere thanks. :-)