Friday 22 October 2010

Your call is important to us

The weekend approaches; it's time for me to unwind, to discard all the petty frustrations of the week. Petty frustration: now there is the thing. Is there any frustration more petty than an effing call centre?! There you are; you need some quick information, you need to contact your bank, your credit card company, your financial advisers, all sorts of service providers. You're in a hurry; you don't have all day. That's a pity, because by the time you've negotiated all of the obstacle courses, the endless options offered, to speak to a real human being you will have wasted a good bit of the day!

You've made it; you've climbed the Berlin Wall; the last hurdle is over. One's temper is now explosive, but at least the blasted phone is ringing. Ignore the awful piped Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, for some reason, something I simply can't listen to now in any normal setting! Again the anger builds: "All our advisers are busy, please hold; your call is important to us", says that entity from the planet Phonespeak. Aaaaargh.

My Australian friend Retarius sent me a You Tube video yesterday, one about the Cyber Man Call centre, which sums up things so well. Oh, how I sympathise with those Daleks. Do have a super weekend, one and all.

Oh, before I go, here is another video I came across with a science fiction theme. Perverse it may seem, but I actually enjoy some cinema and television advertising, little works of art when they are done well. The particular one I'm offering here is an old ad for Levi's Jeans, shown on British TV some years ago. I think it must rank high as the cleverest, coolest and sexiest commercial ever made. :-) Byeeee


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  2. Most frustrating, and if you do get a real person, they sometimes have a very pronounced foreign accent that is hard to understand.The entire world should learn to speak American English.