Monday 16 August 2010

Saddle-sore, tired and happy

I arrived back from Central America last Wednesday afternoon and I’ve been suffering ever since from the most awful jet-lag, the worst I have ever experienced. It’s partially my fault in that I had a long nap when I got home, something I’ve always avoided in the past, no matter how tired.

Anyway, my internal clock has been refusing to shift from New World time. Saturday was possibly the worst. Not only was I up for most of the night but I made dinner at three o’clock in the morning!

So that’s it; I’ve had enough. On Sunday I went to the stables to reacquaint myself with a certain horse. I was going riding anyway but I decided to take advantage of some decent weather to give Annette and I as much exercise as possible, a spot of jumping followed by a lengthy hack. I did not get back home until well into the evening, a little saddle sore and pleasantly tired. After some late-night writing I went to bed, settled in both mind and body. I’m pleased to say that I slept beautifully, with dreams of floating above the clouds.

Oh, yes, Annette was pleased to see me after she stopped being standoffish and huffy. Horses do have personalities, and mine has more personality than most. :-)


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  2. Cornwall is too much excitement for me. :-))

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  4. adjusting time difference is always hardiest thing to do for me when i traveled back to china. guess a horse with the most "personality" would be helpful. :-)