Tuesday 10 January 2012

Black Mediocrity

I see Diane Abbott, the Shadow Minister for Public Health, is in trouble again, shooting off her mouth. She’s part of the Labour Party front bench and, as I say, the Shadow…oh, wait a minute, I think that should be Black Minister for Health, out of the shadows! Yes, she’s Black, the caps used deliberately here, for she takes pains to play her race card, something she does repeatedly as an all round mouth and professional Black woman. (Italics give a spot of added emphasis, just in case the point had escaped you!)

Not known for her subtlety, her latest gaff, as you may very well know, was a bird-brained tweet on Twitter, where, in discussion with one of her followers, she made an obviously racist remark, a generalisation about the attitude of whites, or should that be Whites, or maybe Whites.

Responding to a comment from another black woman, to the effect that the term ‘black community’ was born of lazy thinking, Abbott wrote that she was playing into the ‘divide and rule’ agenda. “White people”, came the twit, “love playing divide and rule. We should not play their game.” It’s a tactic, she continued, as “old as colonialism.”

Now the little house collapses around her ears. With several brickbats flying in her general direction (a perfect little storm in the press!), she says that her words were ‘taken out of context’ and ‘maliciously interpreted’. It’s just so amusing when politicians reach for this stale phrase; it must be on the most thumbed page of their professional lexicon. Unfair! Unfair!; you’re taking my words out of context. I’m not at all sure what context her words should be taken in, other than that of her bird brain.

She’s since been forced to issue a weasel-like apology by Big Brother Ed, the leader of the benighted Labour Party. But she will not be prosecuted under race relations legislation, despite a number of complaints lodged with the Metropolitan Police. Now just imagine if Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, had made some off the cuff remark about black people. No, you have no need to imagine. And all poor Aiden Burley did was to hire a costume!

Abbott has history here, a pattern of stupidity all based on her Black perceptions of the world. I wrote about her on the My Telegraph blog in June, 2010, a piece I called Diane Abbott – hypocrite, certainly; racist, perhaps. This followed a broadcast of This Week, a late-night BBC news show, in which she appears as a regular guest. In defending her decision to send her son to an expensive private school, when her own party’s policy is against the independent sector, she said that “West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.” “So”, Andrew Neil, the show’s host, asked, “black mums love their kids more than white mums, do they?” Answer came there none, whereupon Neil went for the jugular;

Supposing Michael [Michael Portillo, the other regular] said white mums will go to the wall for their children. Why did you say that? Isn’t it a racist remark? If West Indian mums are as wonderful as you say, why are there so many dysfunctional West Indian families in this country? And why do so many young West Indian men end up in a life of crime and gangs? You didn’t want your son to go to a school full of kids who have been brought up by West Indian mums.

The paradox here, as I indicated at the time, is that she clearly does not believe that West Indian mothers are somehow better than other mothers, for she was prepared to buy her son a way out from a significant West Indian presence in her local comprehensive;

In doing so Abbott has freed him from the dangers of the gang culture that besets West Indian boys, something that she herself alluded to recently, a culture nurtured by worthless state schools. But it’s alright for others, the sink comprehensive and all that it leads to, alright for the benighted people who send this hypocrite, this champagne socialist, to Parliament. All black people are equal but clearly some black people are more equal than others.

On reflection I think that should be be all black people are equal but clearly some Black people are more equal than others.

Diane Abbot represents everything that is wrong with so much of contemporary and public life. I think of the great figures of the past that have walked through the corridors of Westminster and debated in Parliament, figures of stature, intellect and substance. Then I think of this woman, a small-minded, silly, tweeting pygmy; a Black mediocrity. You can take those remarks in any context you like.


  1. Abbot is obsessed by the colour of peoples' skins. I remember years ago she said that black children needed black role models (as if kids only have role models that share the same skin type) and schools where there were a majority of black children should have black teachers.

    The corollary of that argument is that majority white schools should have white teachers.

    Abbot may not be fuelled by hate (although that's debatable) but her desire to promote racial segregation is no better than Nick Griffin's.

  2. Spot on, Gareth, and Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you.

  3. Abbot's blackness has nothing to do with her idiocy. It's her socialist statism combined with personal hypocrisy - something she shares with statists of every colour.

    What really rankles, of course, is the right-on discrimination of those in politics and the media who share her political views, and treat anyone who is not an English-born white as "special" and beyond criticism.

    It used to be quite as bad in the US, but has almost disappeared in its most virulent form, although it still re-emerges on occasion around election time.

  4. That old dog-eared race card is most always dealt from the bottom of the deck & usually when the game's not rigged to the dealer's liking. You have your Abbotts; we have our Congressional Black Caucus. They all seem to me to be just as red as they are black.

  5. One of my favourite Abbott racist rants was her complaint that Finnish nurses, "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls", should not be employed by the NHS because they had "never met a black person before". I particularly like the use of the very in-pc "girls", it reminds me of her more recent racially inspired reference to Clegg and Cameron as "white boys". The woman is a mixed up, race obsessed clown.
    I doubt she'd ever do the decent thing and resign. Worse yet, I suspect her constituents will vote her in again, which would much about the current electorate of Hackney. It could be worse, if she weren't an MP; she'd be enthusiastically snapped up by the BBC, probably get her own license payer funded show. Still, give her enough rope...

  6. Sorry, I think I missed the word 'say'. Sentence should read: ...which would say much about the current electorate...

  7. "Then I think of this woman, a small-minded, silly, tweeting pygmy; a Black mediocrity."

    You have the most delightful 'way with words', Ana.

    However, personally I prefer not to think of 'that' woman!

  8. Calvin, yes, the idiocy takes many forms, and Abbott scores high on all fronts. :-)

  9. A1eXei, well, as they say, monkeys with red rosettes. :-)

  10. WfW, quite right. I'm sure there are far better things on your mind. :-)

  11. Well said Ana. Everyone is a dogmatist but only the unconscious dogmatists will disagree with what you have written here.

  12. Thanks, Nobby. As I said, I was accused of 'borderline racism' on Twitter for having written this. Oh, well, I shall just have to live with that. :-)

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