Monday 28 March 2011

The Masque of Anarchy

Decent people did well to keep out of central London on Saturday as a ghastly mob exercised their right to ‘peaceful protest’ against the present government’s cuts (cuts; what cuts?). How much more convenient it would have been if they had marched across the English Channel, the waters helpfully parted by God. How much we would have benefited if, half way across, God had allowed the waters to close again, in a moment of ennui or perhaps exercising His own peaceful right to peace.

Just think how much this country would have saved if these tax eaters, dole recipients, holders of worthless public sector jobs (Assistant Deputy Chief Liaison Officer to the Disabled Black Lesbian Caucus); student nurses, ready to learn how to abuse the elderly in lethally dirty National Health Hospitals; teachers who teach nothing in state schools to pupils too stupid to learn anything; recipients of third rate degrees from fourth rate universities, the work-shy ‘workers’, ignorant and worthless people of all sorts, had disappeared for ever. Oh, I can always dream.

No, instead they exercised their right to ‘peaceful protest’ bringing violence and chaos to the streets of our capital, summoned there by the Trade Unions Council; summoned by the likes of Red Len McClusky, a lover of Cuba, Communism and Castro (what; no peaceful right to protest?), so repellent to look at with his thick nose and his heavy features that he would win any ugly man competition nem con.

Once this mob had gathered it was given the support of the Labour Party in the person of Ed Miliband, the leader of the opposition, a former member of a government, a criminally incompetent government, responsible for the financial morass this country is in at present. Oh, yes, however he may wish to distance himself from the thugs who rampaged along the city streets, sub-human orcs (sorry, I couldn’t resist that!) who relish destruction for the sake of destruction, his very presence was a spur, an indication of the true worth of his loathsome party. This rampage was planned months in advance, as a casual glance at Twitter and Facebook would have shown. Only an idiot would have failed to realise that a riot was in the offing. Oops, sorry, I’ve clearly given Ed a way out.

Only an idiot and the Metropolitan Police, apparently, who in their handling of the mayhem appeared more Keystone than ever, even more than they did in last year’s march against the increase in tuition fees. What the hell is going on? How much more pathetic can London’s police force become, not the ordinary officers, who had light bulbs filled with ammonia thrown at them, but the command, senior officers so anxious to be goody goody that that they invited civil liberties activists to monitor their softly softly approach. How are these idiots going to cope with the forthcoming royal wedding, another anarchist target?

On Saturday they probably took heed of Ugly Red Len’s admonition to keep their hands off “our kids”. I expect they planned a nice party with the anarchists, all sitting down and singing Kumbaya. What a pity it is that heads were not broken instead, what a pity that the ‘accidental’ mayhem was beamed across the world as ‘their kids’ behaved like the apes and troglodytes they are, what an impression others will have of England. How sorry I feel for the poor benighted tourists caught up in the sickening madness.

Does it get any worse? Yes, unfortunately it does. We have a government that pretends to cut public expenditure while increasing it in practice; we have a government that loses control of the nation’s capital while bombarding that of another; we have a government that last week sent six Storm Shadow rockets flying into Libya at a cost of £1million pounds ($1.4million) each. Yes, that’s quite right: £1million each! We have a government unable to read the intelligence properly, a government so besotted with ‘uman rights that it sees virtue in the ‘peaceful right to protest’ even when that ‘peaceful right’ is the prerogative of low class animals, the vermin of the inner city estates, trade unionists and other such creatures. I could suggest a better use for those rockets, another way of reclaiming the expense, just as efficacious as the waters of the Channel.

Last came Anarchy; he rode
On a white horse, splashed with blood;
He was pale even to the lips,
Like Death in the Apocalypse.


  1. They are planning to disrupt the royal wedding as well. The communists are destroying the western world with the degeneration of society and mass immigration to dilute national identity.You should blame the zionist freemason churchill for insisting on disposing of the Avatar Hitler who did not want war with England. All in the defense of Poland which they then handed over to the communists along with half of europe. This is why you are where you are today and this has been done deliberately.

  2. The radiation levels at the Japan reactor #2 are ten million times normal and have been evacuated, a crane fell on the spent fuel rods as well. The #3 reactor has mox fuel which a plutonium uranium blend and is extremely toxic and there are traces of plutonium at the site. The radiation is out to sea and the west coast of the US is getting airborn radiation with the highest concentrations in southern California and Mexico.

  3. One gathers, AFB, that you are a tad annoyed - and understandably so.

    You have a most delightful turn of phrase - long may you continue!

  4. As you pointed out at some other place on your blog, this anarcho-movement is not a low class movement. These "creatures" would love to have the backing of the lower classes, but they don't. It is a middle class and stupid movement. Those motivated more by envy than by any form of social justice.

  5. One of my ancient, rime-encrusted correspondents remarked today that the "sham pain socialists were driven to break into Fortnum's because proper tea is theft."

    Personally, I welcome these organized tantrums of the over-indulged; they reveal their true selfishness. In the 1960s they liked to compare themselves to the Jarrow marchers. Now they compare themselves to the poll tax thugs of the 1980s. Each generation's cause exposes more naked self-interest than the last. Strip away enough layers and even they should be able to recognize their hypocrisy.

  6. Anthony, no, I blame stupidity; I blame those who think thuggishness and violence is an effective tool. I blame those who have not the least idea about outcomes. Above all I blame the resentful and the petty-minded.

    The radioactive leak at Fukushima is certainly a concern. I was born in the year of Chernobyl, an even greater one from a European perspective. Things pass.

  7. Jean Paul, you have a point. My invective flows like lava. :-)

  8. Calvin, I wish I shared your optimism on that particular point.

  9. I remain an optimist, Ana, because the real sources of social change are beyond the vision and control of street thugs and political visionaries alike. By the time the impact of such innovations as railways, clean water, electricity, internal combustion engines, integrated circuits, and satellites were evident they had already made old ways of thinking obsolete.

    These selfish street performers are irrelevant, and, I believe, in some primitive fashion they know they will contribute nothing to the future. That knowledge, as much as anything, fuels their futile rage.

    Thanks BTW for the Shelley quote. It led me to a short bio of Castlereagh who is a much more interesting individual than I had realized.

  10. NO, the degeneration of social values is generational and the by-product of a crypto communist educational system. Exposure to radiation in formative stages has been known to cause genetic mutations?

  11. On Chernobyl, the wind still carries off radiation ,that is why the EU gave Ukraine three billion Euros to build a containment cover over the reactor core. Work is in progress but half of the funds have been stolen because of corruption. When the accident happened the winds carried large amounts of radiation into Belorussia. There is a serious difference in the toxcidity and degeneration rates of pletonium and uranium.

  12. You certainly sound cross! My advice is to relax and enjoy the show. During my long life (75 soon) only two prime ministers have had any integrity at all - Douglas-Home & Thatcher. The rest were dull mediocre men who were mainly incompetent. I would award plus points to Wilson for the Open University and Major for the National Lottery. The rest were just empty suits!

  13. "Time honoured creeds and ancient faith,
    The Alter and the Crown,
    Lordship's hereditary right,
    Before that tide go down.

    "Base churls shall mock the mighty names
    Writ on the roll of time;
    Religion shall be held a jest,
    And loyalty a crime.

    "No word of prayer, no hmyn of praise
    Sound in the village school;
    The people's education
    Utilitarians rule.

    "In England's ancient pulpits
    Lay orators shall preach
    New creeds, and free religions
    Self made apostles teach.

    "The peasants to their daily tasks
    In surly silence fall;
    No kindly hospitalities
    In farmhouse nor in hall.

    "Nor harvest feast nor Christmas tide
    Shall farm or manor hold;
    Science alone can plenty give,
    The only God is gold.

    "The homes where love and peace should dwell
    Fierce politics shall vex,
    And unsexed woman strive to prove
    Herself the coarser sex.

    "Mechanics in their workshops
    Affairs of state decide;
    Honour and truth - old fashioned words -
    The noisy mob deride.

    "The statesman that should rule the realm
    Coarse demagogues displace;
    The glory of a thousand years
    Shall end in foul disgrace.

  14. They must be held accountable, our leaders that is. Nice post.

  15. And still we allow the heaping up of our national funeral pyre to continue unconstrained.

    I have read it; and I continue to weep.

  16. Calvin, he is. Shelly did him a major diservice.

    I know these thugs are irrelevant, I know that they are a tiny minority. We have been here before. The problem is we seem to be losing the capacity to deal with disorder of this magnitude, or the will, which is even worse. Our pcs are too pc.

  17. Anthony, mother took to drinking goat's milk at the time because of possible polution of cow's milk. I still had two months to be born!

  18. Michael, cross was certainly one emotion, frustration the other. I love this country, I love England, but the way things are going I may have to leave; I'm not sure I ever want to have children here. It pains me to see our dignity and our independence being murdered by slow degrees. I admire your calm and reflective way of looking at things. I'm to fired up with passion!

  19. Nobby, the Fox speaks wisely. Thank you so much for making me aware of Nash, a poet I was unfamiliar with.

  20. Meredith, thank you. Yes, somebody has to be held to account.

  21. RTK, I know exactly how you feel.

  22. That's not a name I'm familiar with, Anthony. I'll Google in a bit.

  23. The BBC, The Labour Party and, The Guardian newspaper - all deserve to be thrown in the dustbin of British history.

  24. They are finding traces of radiation in milk at Washington State US. Wind, rain, grass, cow, milk, people. The goat milk explains the attraction to pam.