Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The not so strange death of Liberal England

I’ve been looking at developments oop north, Rotherham in South Yorkshire, to be precise.  Politically it’s a socialist redoubt, held for years by the Labour Party.  It’s the kind of territory where if a red rosette was pinned on a chimp it would be returned to Parliament. 

Come to think of it Denis MacShane, the previous incumbent, is a bit of a chimp; a chump anyway.  I shall be even more unparliamentarily in saying that he is little better than a crook, forced to resign the seat over expense claims that were ‘plainly intended to deceive.’  That’s the parliamentary phrase! 

Anyway, Rotherham has turned into a bit of a graveyard – a graveyard for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.  It’s also become a graveyard for toleration and the birthplace of something altogether more sinister.

 I’ll come to the latter in a bit but first I need to do a spot of crowing.  Caw, caw, I call; my, how I delight in the decline and decline of the Limp Dumbs.  Can it be, can it possibly be that they will turn in ever decreasing circles to the point of complete extinction, the Incredible Shrinking Party?  Let it be, she sings; oh, let it be. 

The Northern Folk, you see, had a by-election last week in the wake of MacShane’s disgrace and forced resignation.  They got rid of Labour and – guess what? – they got Labour.  The vote is dead; long live the vote!  They voted for another chimp, one Sarah Champion, memorable for being completely unmemorable. 

But the election itself was memorable for other reasons, not least of which was the disastrous showing of the Clegg gang, who slumped to eighth place in the poll, behind the British National Party, behind the English Democrats and behind George Galloway’s Respect. 

Incidentally, the Respect candidate was a certain Yvonne Ridley, a journalist of a sort once held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  She enjoyed the experience so much that she subsequently converted to Islam.  She is also something of an obsessive, vowing to hunt down Zionists wherever they are to be found, yea, even so far as the ranks of Respect, which must be a bit like hunting for a vegetarian among cannibals. Her anti-Zionist credentials are doubtless why she was chosen to stand in Rotherham, that well-known Zionist stronghold.

Sorry for the diversion.  Let me get back to the Liberal Democrats, now in deep mourning.  I dare say they are falling back on the usual guff about not getting their message across.  I rather think the Rotherhamites got a message across to them.  Polling pundits are saying that no major political party has ever performed so poorly in a Westminster by-election.  Eighth place and a mere two per cent of the vote; that is the message they have to bear!

The thing about the Liberal Democrats is that they had no clear idea of what they are and what they represent.  Oh, yes, they were desperate for power, but power has its penalties, most of all on a movement that was really just a collective gripe.  Out of power for generations, the Liberals and subsequently the Liberal Democrats turned into a protest party, embracing every politically fashionable cause, from windmills to gay marriage.  It was a movement for socialists who could not quite define themselves as socialists, progressives who progressed in whatever direction the wind blew.  In the end power was their Inchcape Rock, upon which their fragile vessel shattered.

I suppose the really interesting thing about Rotherham is that the onward march of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has not been halted.  With over twenty-one percent of the vote, they came second behind Labour, well ahead of the Tories, to whom they must now be considered as a serious rival on the right, following the Corby result earlier in the month

Rotherham’s Ministry of Love, sorry, make that Social Services Department, must be seriously concerned by this trend.  I expect they are already scouring their foster register just in case any children have been placed in the care of UKIP supporters.  After all, one’s political views have a clear bearing on one’s suitability as a parent.  The Labour-controlled Rotherham Borough Council certainly believes so, having previously removed three children, including a baby, in the care of a UKIP-supporting family. 

The great crime of these people was their opposition to multiculturalism, which in the eyes of Rotherham’s KGB-trained social workers makes them ‘racist.’  The older children, who called the people in question mum and dad, are said to be traumatised by the whole experience. Apparently in true KGB-style the social service apparatchiks descended on the family after an anonymous tip off.  Here come a candle to light you to bed; here comes a chopper to chop off your head.  Yes, we become more like Airstrip One with every passing day. 

So it’s pretty dangerous to be a supporter of UKIP in Rotherham, especially if one wants to be a parent.  It’s reasonably safe, though, to be a member of a predominantly Asian gang trafficking underage white girls for sex.  Big Sister in the shape of Joyce Thacker, Rotherham’s social services director, goes around the place defending her dawn raid, all the time ignoring that her department was one of those singled out earlier in the year for its negligence over the pimping issue.  If only the perpetrators had been members of UKIP.  That surely would have made all the difference.  

Thacker Speaks


  1. Ana have we seen the end of the left wing death camps? They celebrated the end of opinion and free thought and the rise of all the ill informed who allowed jargon to convince them.

    1. Oh, Richard, the stupidity depresses me. Irony is my only weapon.

    2. Then use it Ana with a aplomb.
      Reads, to the ignoranti, a plum, a privileged fruit.

  2. So many factions with so many motives, let Bonnie clean out the vipers and then deport her. A social purge is in order, time to take out the trash.

  3. It's all a bit sad really. I was the English Democrat candidate at the election, just as I was the Liberal Democrat candidate in the 1994 by-election when MacShane was first elected.

    In 1994 I got 30% of the vote and came second. In 2012 the English Democrats got 3.5% of the vote, coming 6th with 55% more votes than the Liberal Democrat who came 8th.

    The reason seems simple enough to me. Lies, Hypocrisy, and simply not believing in anything further than blind obedience to the European Union.

    I left the following comment after the result on LibDem Voice, (not surprisingly, the only response I got was an ad hominem attack):

    After the last Election the Liberal Democrats could have had everything. The Tories had won big in England, but lost overall. There was even talk of a “grand anti-Tory” alliance of all the nationalist and non-Tory parties against them. All Nick Clegg had to do was to offer his support for a minority government in return for a devolved English Parliament to stand alongside those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    That’s it.

    How could the Tories refuse? Their vote was in England and their vote was being over-ruled.

    And an English Parliament would be voted in by PR, the precedent having already being set by those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It would also mean the need for a new federal upper house – which would mean House of Lords Reform as well.

    Not only that, a new federal UK would even undermine the SNP in Scotland. It would be in keeping with the professed (if not actual) belief of federalism within the Party. It would be seen as being principled.

    But Nick Clegg wasn’t interested.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    A bit like the Liberal Democrats!

    1. WG, I wish I'd know. I would have followed your path much more closely! That's an interesting political trajectory, from the Lib Dems to the ED. It's also interesting to note just how far the LDs have fallen from 1994 to 2012. Please do let me know of any future campaigns you might be involved in.

  4. I was amused, and not particularly surprised, to discover the actress who played Bellatrix Lestrange and Miss Haversham is a descendant of Asquith.

  5. Well, I'm also a former vice-Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament which should give you a clue of where I'm coming from!  Although I actually think my "political trajectory" is pretty much a straight line.  A well known document begins "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..." - and not surprisingly I agree with that sentiment.
    Unfortunately, all the main political parties in the UK think it not only acceptable but also right and proper that the people of England should be second-class citizens with fewer rights than people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    I knew Richard Wainwright, who was Liberal MP for Colne Valley back in 1977 during the first devolution debates.  At that time he said "For a government to propose that some British people shall have two Parliaments to shout for them, while others are left with only one, is the last word in political debauchery".  Richard was a Liberal, as I still consider myself to be.  The "Liberal" "Democrats" are neither "Liberal" nor "Democratic".  I suppose the real political trajectory is that of the so-called Liberal Democrats away from their founding beliefs.

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  7. Opposition to multiculturalism is a serious crime. A death sentence is quite reasonable, as far as I understand from many left-wing people in Holland who are pleased with the murder of Fortuyn.

    For some people, however, roots are still important. I guess it depends on one's perceived identity. Personally, I favour individualism, balanced with a healthy amount of national identity. I don't favour "let us have many really different groups in one country" multiculturalism. It's a recipe for conflicts and high crime rates and, as a result, more policing and thus less freedoms for individuals.

    1. Evert, your thoughts and my thoughts on this subject coincide exactly. Multiculturalism is corrosive of all national identity and tradition.