Monday 10 September 2012

King Tony’s Head

Seemingly Tony Blair is to be honoured with a portrait bust in the Member’s Lobby of the House of Commons.  It’s difficult to see how this could be avoided, in that many other former Prime Minister are present, going right back to the beginning of the last century.  Baroness Thatcher is there, the only person to be so honoured in her lifetime. 

There are other times in history when Blair’s head might have regaled the Palace of Westminster – outside on a spike.  I know it’s wrong of me but I simply can’t take an objective view of this man, this hypocrite who drips his Christian faith, all the more hypocritical for that. 

He seems to me to be a morally debased figure, a man who did untold damage to this country, through reckless expenditure, through uncontrolled immigration and through pointless and unwinnable foreign wars.  It will take generations before his baleful and malign influence is fully assessed and understood.  He came to power in 1997 with no greater agenda than power.  His policies thereafter were based on expediency and opportunism, devoid of all guiding principle.  The Labour Party was no more than the debased vehicle of his ambition. 

He still haunts his old party, although he seems to be a less than welcome guest.  Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, apparently looks on him with some favour, though.  There was even some speculation that he may have been brought into the shadow cabinet in some role or other.  Yes, a shadow among the shadows. 

All is not lost.  Millipede intends to draw on the former PM’s experience both in governing Britain and more recently as a Middle East peace envoy in the run up to the next general election.  Governing Britain; that’s easy, just spend, spend and spend, oh, yes, not to forget the introduction of a lot unnecessary legislation, the pursuit of one politically correct chimera after another, a case of hunting the political Snark.

In the midst of the word he was trying to say
In the midst of his laughter and glee
He had softly and suddenly vanished away
For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.

Middle East peace envoy, well, yes, there’s a thing, a real measure of the Blair Witch Project, flying in , flying out, casting few spells, leaving things just as they are.  Saying peace, peace, when there is no peace.  He’s accumulated lots of air miles, though; I suppose that’s an expertise of a kind. 

Britain is doubtless too little a pond for this big fish.  Apparently he sees himself as a future president of Europe, though not quite yet, not for the moment.  What a pity.  For once I actually want him to get a job; I would welcome him as Mister Europe.  My greatest delight - assuming the Europeans could be sold the package - would be for him to become President of Europe just as this country withdraws from the Union. There is that, or his head decorating the Palace of Westminster.    


  1. I'm surprised to see you give TB's legacy such a favourable review, Ana. His list of iniquities is so much deeper and darker. You didn't even mention his odious colleagues in infamy: Brown, Prescott, Straw, Mandlebum, Hain, et al, a more vile and venal pack of scoundrels it is hard to imagine. And then, to top it all, the Blair Bitch herself: Cherie - the nightmare still with us making Britain safe for terrorists.

    1. You are absolutely right, Calvin, I was far too restrained. It's a form of overcompensation, you see, for the true depths of my contempt.

  2. He should follow the example of G.W, Bush and stay out of sight and out of mind.

  3. I have seen it written that people who seek authority and power - politicians, managers, CEOs, and so on - often have characteristics associated with psychopathy. In other words, they are often actual bona fide psychopaths who have found a polite, civilised way to wield power over other people and puff themselves up.

    Something on Youtube alerted me to the fact that Tony Blair has very cold, unfeeling eyes. Look at almost any photo of him, and it's as if there is no emotion there. He's smiling, but his eyes show nothing. Here's a good example:

    (Would you want to wake up with him in your bedroom?)

    Nowadays, when I think of Tony Blair and what his government did to our country, I can't help thinking that, somewhere along the line, the British establishment went rotten - possibly even more rotten than we have yet grasped.

    The culture that Blair brought in - managerialism, red tape, fake statistics, fake manifestos, corruption, deliberate destruction of national identity (with mass immigration and multiculturalism), a loathing of truth, utter insincerity, ID cards and the identity register, war-mongering, DNA gathering, CCTV, political correctness, endless change for its own sake, the deracination of the Lords, hate crimes and the watering down of the treason laws - all suggest to me a psychopathic mindset.

    And after all, what person who had any love of humanity, would give power to Harriet Harman, Ed Balls and Peter Mandelson?

    As for his head being bustified for the Member's Lobby, the only mitigating factor is that it is a tradition for former PMs. Nobody has said "he was a good man, so he deserves this".

    I think I know what Tony Blair deserves. It certainly involves a spike though I wouldn't be sure which orifice to ram it into. Probably the one he speaks through.

    Joking aside, I really hope that one day he gets what he deserves. No man more deserves the contempt of the British people - by which I mean the real British people, not the millions of 3rd Worlders he injected into our society.

    1. Seymour, a good picture - I see exactly what you mean.

      I'm watching and enjoying the Beeb's adaptation of Ford Maddox Ford's novel Parade's End at the moment. I see a decent, noble and honourable Englishman like Christopher Tietjens and think, my goodness, how much we have degenerated as a nation. Yes, I know Tietjens is a fiction, an ideal, but he was once our ideal. Blair is like an ape in contrast.

  4. I'd rather your first suggestion - his head on a spike, alongside Gordon Brown, Jack "boot" Straw and all the other poisonous scum whose wanton destruction and deliberately anti-English policies have wrecked the United Kingdom and caused damages that it will takes decades for England to heal.

  5. If there are busts of every former Prime Minister in the House of Parliament, how is Margaret Thatcher the only one to have received that honour? I visited too long ago to remember but perhaps you meant that she was the only female to have been honoured with a bust here.

    1. There is no other, Rehan! This is the information I have.

    2. But you say that all the former Prime Ministers have busts there.

    3. As I say that's the information I have. I have been to the House of Commons, though it was quite a while ago and I simply can't remember who was there and who was not. Clearly if Margaret Thatcher is the only living PM present then John Major must be absent. Anyway, I've amended the wording slightly to cover this ambiguity.