Tuesday 10 July 2012

I’ve Been Visiting Illegal Websites!

Actually, I’ve not but I do have a warning for you.  Not so long ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek reflection on a putative zombie apocalypse.  Now I want to alert people to a genuine contagion, a potential threat to all computer users.  I can speak personally about this because it hit me recently, causing an hour or two of anxiety.  My remarks are specifically addressed to people outside Europe, where the threat, I believe, has not yet appeared.  North America looks likely to be the next target.  

Anyway, it’s a virus that came to England from the Continent, where it first appeared in Germany, affecting Windows users.  It purports to be a notice from the police, appearing right across your screen, saying that because you have been detected visiting illegal sites your computer has been locked.  And, my goodness, it has; all files and icons have disappeared.  Even ctrl alt delete does not work.  The notice proceeds with a warning that unless one pays £100 fine ($130) within twenty four hours then one’s computer will be wiped clean. 

Mine supposedly came from London’s Metropolitan Police Force.  I now know that the scam (other forces are mentioned also) is called the Metropolitan Police Ukash virus.  I was worried but not at all phased. For one thing, I don’t visit illegal or pornographic sites, and for another, this is little more than demanding money with menaces, a practice clearly at variance with all legal and police procedure.  Apart from that the wording and grammar is atrocious! 

However, I understand that a lot of people, visiting porno sites or not, have been seriously unsettled by this, the very idea that the police had such power.  In fact it’s a just a parcel of creepy cyber crooks.  The police themselves are aware of this.  The Met issued its own warning, advising people not to reveal details of their bank accounts. 

As I say, my PC was infected by this Trojan.  Fortunately I also have a lap top and was able to carry out a spot of research.  I linked up with some other users who had been similarly affected, managing to find a solution suited to my own particular problem, once I worked my way through a lot of technical jargon!  The solution seems to be different in each case.  I have Windows7 and for me at least it was relatively simple, though I note that other users seemed to be in deeper crisis. 

I should add that the Trojan managed to get round my existing anti-virus protection, which is a slight concern.  The bigger one is over exactly where this nuisance came from.  I’m always careful.  In future I shall be even more so.   Criminals are imaginative.  It’s up to us to be even more imaginative and not be scared by the unexpected.  Take care out there!  


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    1. It's a good way of putting it, Anthony. Always practice safe surfing. :-)